Hi! I'm an experienced software engineer who likes to contribute to game development and other creative outlets.

I currently work at a software startup called Makr, an app for designing logos and print materials. My work began with native iOS development. Over the next five years my skillset expanded to include Ruby (Sinatra, Grape, and Rails), HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and Node.js. I also used that time to improve my understanding of database systems, design patterns, and DevOps. Outside of technical skills, I learned to collaborate effectively with project managers and other staff to assist our team in making the most of our limited resources. View my profile on LinkedIn and GitHub for more info on my professional experience.

Additionally, I have over a decade of game making experience, working on personal projects and school assignments. Recently, I joined Gamkedo Club to hone my programming and collaboration skills and to network with other aspiring game developers. View my games page to see what I've being working on.

If none of the above catch your fancy, here are some other topics we can discuss:

Contact @dandelarosadev if you are interested in a collaboration.